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SeamanJobsite ( is a maritime employment portal for seafarers, manning agencies and maritime companies. It aims to help seafarers find their dream jobs at sea, connecting them to a pool of maritime employers looking for qualified employees.

Aside from the sea-based jobs it offers, Seaman Jobsite also provides maritime news and advisories for seamen, job profiles and other maritime tools that are essential for seafarers.
Signing up for a Seaman Jobsite account enables jobseekers to create an online resume viewable to the foreign employers/recruitment agencies sourcing applicants for their manpower requirement. This resume is used in applying for various job vacancies posted in Seaman Jobsite.

Employers at Seaman Jobsite can post their seaman jobs and source applicants according to their company’s need. Looking for qualified applicants become easier and faster as they are able to see and sort candidates for the position they need.